Advice from our very own Consultant after HER Bridal Appointment

This past Sunday, I went through the doors of Belle Mariée at the front of the store rather than through our employee entrance. Instead of coming in for work, I was actually there for a bridal appointment to try on wedding dresses for myself and not to put other girls in them! Although I work around these dresses every day and I know how the process goes and what to expect, it was so fun to switch roles and actually be the bride for a day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during my appointment; when we arrived at the shop, Jessica had mimosas waiting for us and even though it was her day off, she spent her time helping me find the perfect dress. When you first come into our bridal boutique, we make sure to get all your information so we can make sure we find exactly what you’re looking for. The more information you have, such as wedding date, style, colors, budget, etc…help us to narrow down the search so it isn’t too overwhelming.  As you fill out our forms, we provide refreshments for you and your guests and make sure you feel relaxed. After I filled out that same bridal form that I give my brides to fill out, we set off to pick out any possible contenders for my dream gown and I immediately dove into our dress selection.

After my own bridal appointment, if there is any advice I can give to my fellow brides on how to have the perfect appointment, I would say:

  • Pick dress styles you know you lean more towards, but also add in a few you never considered before! I always envisioned myself in a flowy gown, but ended up choosing a very fitted dress instead. If you envision yourself in a fitted or mermaid silhouette, throw in a ball gown or A-Line style dress just to make sure you see all the possibilities!
  • During one appointment, try to keep the dress count under 12; I pulled every single dress I’ve ever wanted to try on, which came out to be about 15 dresses… By the end I was so completely overwhelmed that I had to take a break just to breathe and look back on pictures because they were all starting to blur together.
  • On that note, take LOTS of pictures in each dress! Although some stores may not allow photos to be taken, at Belle Mariée we strongly encourage you to take photos. By the end of my appointment, I was able to easily rule out dresses I didn’t want, while also reaffirming my love for the dress I chose. Plus, pictures show you aspects of the dress you may not have been able to see before.
  • Come in with an open mind about dresses and if a dress even remotely strikes your fancy, try it on! My dream dress was the most unexpected surprise I’ve ever had… I never thought twice about this gown whenever I worked and I almost passed it up when I was choosing dresses to try on; but goodness am I happy that I thought “What the heck, I might as well try it while I’m here!” Don’t forget to ask about options and alterations! Some dresses can be ordered in different colors or have options like sleeves or straps that may not be on the sample dress.
  • Have a budget in mind when you come to your appointment; our prices range from about $400 to $2000 and we have our racks organized by price so that we can show you dresses under your budget.
  • If you try on a gown you think might be “the one,” try on our jewelry and other accessories to get the full effect! I put on shoes, Jessica did my hair and put a hairpiece and veil in, and she also handed me one of our fake bridal floral bouquets. Whenever I turned around in the mirror, I saw what I would look like when I walked down the aisle and I knew immediately that it was exactly what I wanted.
  • Last but not least… Do not feel like you HAVE to say YES to the dress right then and there! As I said on tip #2, I felt incredibly overwhelmed by all the beautiful dresses I tried on and everyone else’s opinions, so I had to take time to think and look at pictures. It is not uncommon for a bride to have to “sleep on it” before making the big decision.

Choosing your dream dress is one of the most important decisions in your wedding planning process and it is also a pretty significant purchase, so we want you to be absolutely comfortable with your decision and not feel pressured in any way! We do not work on commission at Belle Mariée, nor do we care about making a sale; what we do care about is your happiness, the experience you have with us, and that you eventually find “the one.” I never would have dreamt of a better day with my family and bridesmaids; it wasn’t just the mimosas or the fun T-Shirts we made, it was the way I was made to feel like a beautiful bride and the atmosphere we create in the shop. I hope that these tips help you, and I also can’t wait to meet you and give you the fantastic experience that I personally had here at Belle Mariée!



Me and Bridesmaids

“Mr. and Mrs.” Chair Banner

Hello everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post; school has been crazy as ever and now that my midterms are over, my homework load has decreased considerably. That being said, I actually had time yesterday to complete another DIY craft for my wedding! This time, I created the “Mr. & Mrs.” chair banners that would go on the back of our seats at the reception. I got all my supplies at Michael’s, but I’m sure any craft store in your area would have similar options.

end banner result



Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Twine (A skinny ribbon might work too!)

Letters (2 M, 2 R, 1 S)

Decorative flowers to match your wedding (I used fall leaves and flowers)


Note: Make sure you know what type of chairs you will have at your reception; I knew mine had fold out chairs like ones I owned, if your chairs are different then you may have to change your technique.

Step 1: With the twine, I tied one end to the chair into a double knot and left some excess string just in case I need to adjust the size of it at the venue. I then strung along the twine to the other side of the chair and estimated how much I needed to cut off the length, leaving excess string again.

twine on chair

Step 2: Plan out where you want to glue your decorative touches/flowers onto the letters. On both banners I put one at the bottom of the last letter because it resembled the period which follows the abbreviation of Mr. and Mrs. Once you have the placement the way you want and the decorations cut and ready to be glued, hot glue them to the glue cool down.


Side note: My letters had ribbon hanging from the back so that the letters could be hung up, which ended up working perfect for this! I cut the ribbon loop in half at the back so that I could later tie it down while I glued.

Step 3: One letter at a time, starting with the M, place the letter where you want it and drape the ribbon attached to the letters over the twine. Tie the ribbon around the letter in the front (as pictured) in a double knot, so it will stay in place securely while you glue it down and let it dry.

tied ribbons Mrs

Step 4: Glue as much as possible here: I went a little crazy with my glue because I wanted to be super sure it would stay in place. Don’t worry about the looks of it because no one will see the back of the banner! Glue the exposed twine down to the letters and make sure to glue the ribbon down to the back of the letter (see picture). Repeat this process with every letter until you are finished; let the glue sit and cool down for as long as possible so that it won’t break loose.

gluing down ribbon

Step 5: Once the hot glue is dry, cut the ribbon where you tied it in the front of the letter and trim it down so that, when the banners are viewed from the front, the letters look as though they are just hanging from the twine.

cutting the ribbon

glued in back

Step 6:  Make sure that all hot glue tendrils are cleaned up and that the banners look exactly how you want them. Untie them from the chairs you were using and safely stow them away in a plastic bag or in a box until the week of your wedding. Make sure you double check the glue is still good when your wedding arrives and voilà, you’re done!

end banner result

I hope this tutorial all comes together and makes sense, but if you have any questions about it or need tips, feel free to give the shop a call or Facebook message and I can help you out! Until next time, fellow brides.


Allure Romance Wedding Gowns

So since my last blog post, I had a bridal appointment at Belle Mariée and I said YES to a dress!!! I would tell you all exactly which one, but my fiancé reads my blogs and he would definitely Google it if he saw it on here. Ok, now onto business! As I said in my last blog post, we have finally started to receive our new, Fall 2015 designer wedding gowns for you all to try on! Previously, I showed you a couple of our Maggie Sottero dresses; in this post I will be showing you three Allure Romance dresses we just received in the shop!

Style 2716




The first gown I wanted to show you is style number 2716. This gown is absolute perfection for a blushing bride who wants to wear blush pink at her wedding. If you are a fan of the style of this dress but not the color, you are also able to order it in Ivory or White. 2716 has a flowy tulle skirt with a satin belt at the waist line and a stunning button up back with netting and lace details.

Style 2864

11800367_10154053411938368_250435955967984842_n (1)






This dress, which is style number 2864, gives that “Va-va-voom” look to every bride that steps into it. The silhouette emphasizes each beautiful curve and the sparkle lace literally will make the bride shine. This gown also features a button up back with lace appliques. The train of this gown would also be perfect for your wedding photos and having a dramatic walk down the aisle.

Style 2866



I absolutely love this dress, which is style 2866. If I could have two dresses, I would have this one for my second dress! In an alternate universe where I would be eloping or have an intimate wedding, this would most definitely be the dress I would choose. The lace design that covers the dress is elegant and sweet, and the shape flatters every body type. For that “Something Blue” tradition, this dress would look great paired with light blue shoes; in this photo we put our cute lace pumps with it and it matched perfectly.

If you are absolutely dying to try on any of these dresses, feel free to give us a call and set up an appointment; we are very excited to hear from you and find the dress of your dreams! Until next time, fellow brides.

Maggie Sottero Wedding Gowns

Hi everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog post; you know how it is, life gets crazy and before you know it, months have passed before your eyes! Right now I am beyond excited, not just because less than one week from now I will officially be trying on wedding dresses at Belle Mariée, but also because our brand new, Fall 2015 designer wedding gowns have slowly been trickling in. We still have more being shipped to us here in the following weeks, but right now we have SO MANY beautiful, new dresses which I personally already have my eyes on!

To give you a sneak peak of some of the new dresses we got in, I thought I would show you a few gowns from each line we carry, all of which you are welcome to make an appointment and try them on! For this blog post, I’m going to show you a handful of our new Maggie Sottero wedding gowns we just received:


olympiaolynpia 2


Olympia has a fully encrusted Swarovski crystal and pearl bodice befitting a princess. The A-line skirt is perfectly smooth and flowy, which creates a very romantic feel.  This gown has a sweetheart neckline and crystal buttons covering the zipper in the back.




alanis 3


alanis 2


This dress is personally one of my favorites; it is another stunning A-line gown with a structured lace bodice, flowing tulle skirt with soft satin underneath, and Swarovski crystal neckline and cap sleeves. Our sample gown is featured in ivory over light gold, however this dress does come in either all white or ivory!


fred 3


fred 2




Fredericka has such intricate detail, and yet manages to be beautifully simple as well.  This gown has a sweetheart neckline, buttons over the zipper, and one of the prettiest scalloped lace hems I have ever seen! You would also be surprised how lightweight and comfortable this dress is. We personally love it paired with one of the belts we have here at Belle Mariée and some sparkly pumps, pictured to the left!

Stay tuned for my next couple blog posts in which I will be showing even more dresses from our Allure line and also some tuxes from Jim’s Formal Wear!




Coming up on July 24th and 25th, Belle Mariée will be throwing a blow-out sample and consignment sale!!! I am crazy excited about this sale because we will be selling select name-brand dresses off the rack for up to 40% off, and we will also be selling gently used wedding dresses to soon-to-be brides at great discounted prices.

In order for mid-MO brides to have a great array of wedding dress choices, we are asking any bride who has a wedding dress they want to sell to call, come in to the shop, or email us for details on this event! In order for us to sell your dress, we will need it at Belle Mariée by July 21st. Not only will you put some cash in your pocket by selling your dress, but you will also be helping brides find the dress of their dreams for their special day.

If you are a bride who is getting married within the next 6 months and you haven’t ordered a wedding dress yet, this event is absolutely perfect for you. Generally speaking, you would need to allow 6-8 months from your wedding date to order a dress brand new and have it altered. However, rather than paying rush fees or settling on a dress purely because it will ship in time, come to this event and you can walk out the door with your wedding gown and leave your worries behind. If your wedding date is coming up fast, then make your way to Belle Mariée on July 24th and 25th!

This sale will also be perfect for brides who have a tighter budget or don’t feel the need to drop lots of money on a wedding dress. The majority of these dresses will be below $1,000 after their discounted price… By attending this sale you will be shaving hundreds of dollars off from the original cost of the dress and you can use that saved money on other areas of your wedding!

No matter who you are, whether you are a bride needing to sell a dress or a bride that desires to buy their dream grown at an amazing price, you need to put July 24th and 25th on your calendar and make sure to stop by the sale! Our goal is to have a countless number of brides leave our boutique saying “Belle Mariée had the dress for me!”

If you have any questions about the sale, or anything else for that matter, call us at 573-815-9135 or email us at


Summer has arrived… And so have new items at Belle Mariée!

I cannot believe that summer is already here; pools are opening, the smells of BBQ fill the air, and it’s time to dig out warm weather clothes from the back corners of our closets! The changing of the weather also symbolizes a significant change in the bridal industry as well… It’s wedding season! Here at Belle Mariée we have many brides coming in for final alterations and we can feel the excitement in the air. We have also been busy getting more merchandise shipped to the store; we recently picked up Bill Levkoff bridesmaid dresses, new jewelry and accessories, and also TOMS shoes (which I am personally VERY excited about!) Plus, all our new wedding dresses we ordered in Chicago this winter will be shipped to us by the end of this summer. So many new, exhilarating things to look forward to in our boutique this summer!

For this blog post, I wanted to show you all a handful of the new items we have in the store; if you want to see any of these in person, come on in anytime during our business hours, although if you want to try on dresses we recommend making an appointment!

We just got in multiple dresses from Adrianna Papell, but my personal favorite is this dress pictured below. This dress would be absolutely perfect to wear to your rehearsal dinner, vow renewal, or courthouse wedding! Also, we just got in the blue heels in the picture last week and they add a cute “something blue” aspect to the dress.

Summer4 summer2

I truly love the idea of having the bride and/or bridal party wear TOMS shoes at the wedding! Not only would these shoes be classic and adorable for wedding pictures, but they’re also comfortable AND support a great cause. I can’t choose a favorite shoe from our selection, so I figured I would just show all the styles we have in the store right now.

Summer7Summer6 Summer8 Summer9


Bill Levkoff is quickly becoming one of our favorite lines of bridesmaid dresses here at Belle Mariée! We just got these dresses in this past month and they have become very popular amongst our current brides; the material is incredibly soft, flow-y, and clearly quality-made as well. We offer multiple sample styles to try on and a booklet with the different colors they come in!



We also recently received cute garters and ring bearer pillows, all of which you can buy and take with you directly from our shop! Below the garters you will also see our new clutch purses we got in last week; these could be used in your wedding but are also cute enough for everyday wear as well.



If any of you need more information on these items, or anything else in the shop, feel free to call, come in, or email us! Until next time, fellow brides!



Reichmann Pavilion at Stephens Lake Park


 The tree we will be married under; one of many trees at Stephens Lake Park

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about my wedding and what my biggest accomplishments are so far… ‘cause I’m the bride and it’s all about me, right? 😉 This past Fall, we decided that we wanted an autumn wedding because it’s our favorite time of year; I also had my heart set on having our wedding at Stephen’s Lake Park at the Reichmann Pavilion. As soon as I knew the time of year and that this would be our venue, I called and found out that it was already booked for the entirety of October 2015! (Venues book up quickly and should be reserved as soon as possible, 1-2 years out is not uncommon). After some thought and discussions with our families, we decided to push our date to two years away so that we can ultimately finish our education and put aside money. Our official date that we have booked at the Reichmann Pavilion is October 15th, 2016!

I love the Reichmann Pavilion because I have always dreamt of an outdoor wedding with large trees in a field of grass, and this venue allows me to do that with the convenience of being right in the heart of Columbia. On top of that, it has the cutest cedar building that fits perfectly with my country, rustic fall theme and is perfect for the reception. I was absolutely sold when I found out the price; from Friday-Sunday, 8am-11pm, it costs only $1,120 total! Plus, if you don’t want it for three whole days, you can pay to use it daily as well. I reserved the full three days because I figured my family and I would bring all our big items and anything non-perishable on Friday and get it all ready, finish setting up on Saturday, and then have Sunday to clean and take everything home; this will allow us to leave immediately on the night of the wedding and not worry about cleaning until the next day!

The one catch to this venue is that it has a maximum capacity of 150 people; our guest list is currently at about 115 and that is not including children or any friends we might add in the next year; 150 can be a tight squeeze for anyone with big families like us! I wish I could invite every friend I’ve had since elementary school, but unfortunately we will have to keep it intimate with our large families and closest friends.


Inside the Reichmann Pavilion

When it comes to planning your wedding, I personally recommend that you first figure out what kind of look or theme you’re going for, choose your date or the season you want, and then immediately start looking at venues and what dates they have available! I never realized before this experience exactly how hard it can be to get the venue you desire reserved on the day you want. The availability of my venue completely changed our wedding!

If you are interested in using the Reichmann Pavilion for your wedding or event, click the link below for more information:


Card Box

For my DIY this week, I chose to make a card box! This box is made specifically for my own wedding, so it has the colors and decorations that pertain to my own country-rustic theme. The possibilities with your box could be endless! You could paint the inside of the box a different color from the outside, you can bedazzle it, add a trim of laced ribbon, and use the flowers and accent pieces that fit with your wedding! I encourage you to look through Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and grab anything that jumps out at you!

I loved this DIY because, aside from the dry time I allowed the paint, it took me a maximum of two hours to complete this! Yet another reason to love this is that altogether this cost me $13.00, however, I already had small paint brushes and white paint at home! Depending on the decorations you buy and the supplies you need, this DIY should fall under $20.00 and it will be something that no other wedding would have! Plus, this doesn’t HAVE to be a box for cards, it could be something you use to give out favors, programs, send-off bubbles… The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your wedding needs!

(The supplies below were bought at Michael’s)

Supplies You Need:

  • Pallet Box
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 2 bottles of paint for the entire box
  • 1 bottle of different colored paint for the words
  • Medium-to-Large paint brush
  • 2 small paint brushes
  • Aluminum foil or paper plate to put blobs of paint on
  • Your specific flowers/decorations
  • Surface to paint the box on (newspapers, cardboard)
  • Messy/old clothes to wear

Step 1: Get everything ready! Take any stickers off of the box and make sure you get everything settle on a surface you can get paint on, and also make sure you’re wearing old clothes you wouldn’t mind getting stained!


Step 2: Use a paper plate or aluminum foil to hold your paint and start painting the box with your large paint brush! I found it easiest to glob a lot of paint onto the brush and then used long paint strokes to make the most of that paint. I left the lip of the box for last so that I had something dry to hold onto while I painted; I began by painting the front of the box, the two smaller sides, and then the back side. From there I painted the inside and then the lip of it. I left the bottom without paint since that side would go unseen anyways.


Cat not included 😉

Step 3: Let it dry a little and then do a second coat of paint! This will give it a more solid and even coat to make sure everything is covered. After that coat, let the box fully dry; I painted this during the evening, left it to dry overnight, and then finished the project in the morning!

Step 4: Get your flowers/decorations ready to be hot-glued onto the box! Cut off any excess stems on the back; you want to be sure that the back of what you glue will lie flat on the surface, which will make it more stable on the box and less likely to get pulled off.


Step 5: Before gluing, I tried different ways of organizing my flowers on the box and once I laid out a road map of what I wanted, I began gluing everything down!


Step 6: I chose to paint the word “Cards” on my box using one of my small brushes, however, if you don’t feel comfortable painting it free-hand, craft stores offer multiple types of stencils or lettering you can stick on the box and they come in many colors, patterns, and even glitter.


Step 7: After painting “Cards” the first time, I let the paint dry for a couple minutes and then did a second coat. It’s alright if it doesn’t look perfect right away… You can reuse the paint you used on the entire box and your second small brush to paint away imperfections and make the letters look more precise.


Step 8: Let the box fully dry and you are finished! I have over a year until my wedding so I am actually going to use my box to hold other wedding decorations I have.


What’s Hot!

Working at Belle Mariée means that I get to be surrounded by the most beautiful gowns in the industry on a daily basis.  However, I have quickly learned that a dress on the hanger does not do itself justice; it isn’t until the bride puts it on that the dress transforms into something magical and stunning. It’s in this moment that I collect new favorite dresses, so in this blog post I figured I would tell you all about a couple of my favorite things in the shop this week!

This will be one of my many favorite blog posts that I do on a regular basis because I get to show you all the dresses we have at the boutique that I absolutely LOVE. Sometimes I will post about the dresses, but I will also post our tuxes and accessories that I adore as well. Everything I show in these posts are available to be tried on and bought, so if any strike your fancy feel free to call and set up an appointment to try them on!


This week, my absolute favorite wedding gown is… (Drumroll please!)


  • Jade by Maggie Sottero!

J1 J4J2

This dress is a top favorite at Belle Mariée and for good reason too! Every time a bride puts this dress on, the bride makes it look even more stunning. This dress literally sparkles in every light because of the crystal embellishments adorning the gown.

  • Bridesmaid Dress: Floral print gown by Allure

B2 B1

This dress is perfect for spring or summer; the flowing chiffon is comfortable and flattering on any bridesmaid and the floral print makes this dress fun to wear, and perfect for your bridesmaids to wear again in the future! This dress style also comes in two other, different floral patterns and colors; however, this one is my absolute FAVE right now!

  • Tuxedo: Khaki Tux from Jim’s Formal Wear

T1 T2

Khaki colored tuxedos have been an up-and-coming trend in the last year, and rightly so. This color fits with any season, color scheme, and the level of formality! Plus, if you choose to rent this specific tux from us, or any other style and color by Jim’s, Belle Mariée will give you $40.00 off the price.

Flower Hair Comb

For our very first DIY post, I figured I would start with something easy, inexpensive, and of course, FUN! Flower hair combs are perfect for you or your bridesmaids to wear in your wedding and tie your colors together; plus, you wouldn’t be spending $100+ on accessories! This could also be a fun little craft to do altogether with your bridal party and they can make their own hair combs using the flowers you buy.

Everything I bought in order to make these hair pieces cost me a whopping total of $12.00… I bought four different, single stems of satin flowers and a package of six plastic hair combs, all from Hobby Lobby! And don’t forget, Hobby Lobby offers weekly coupons so that you can bring the total cost down even lower! Below you will find exactly what I bought and how I made these fabulous hair combs.

First, you will need your supplies which you can get from any craft store:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Package of hair combs
  • Satin flowers that match the colors/theme of your wedding

Photo 1

Step 1: Cut a piece of foliage, or a leaf, off from one of the flower stems. I cut my leaf in half and then glue it to the hair comb to provide a base for you to glue your flower buds on:

Photo 2

Step 2: Pull or cut the flower buds off from the stems; before you actually glue the flowers down, arrange and set them on the flower comb to get a rough idea of where you want each flower to specifically go:

Photo 3

Step 3: Start gluing down your flowers! I prefer to start on one side of the comb, like the left side, and move from left to right. Let the glue cool for 30-60 minutes just to make sure nothing falls off… also to make sure you don’t get hot glue in your hair!

Photo 4

REMEMBER: Check the hair comb from every angle to make sure you can’t see any hot glue or any holes where you see the backs of the flower buds.

And voila! You are done! These hair combs are perfect for any kind of full or half updo, or side swept hair!

Photo 6

Photo 5

1 2