For my DIY this week, I chose to make a card box! This box is made specifically for my own wedding, so it has the colors and decorations that pertain to my own country-rustic theme. The possibilities with your box could be endless! You could paint the inside of the box a different color from the outside, you can bedazzle it, add a trim of laced ribbon, and use the flowers and accent pieces that fit with your wedding! I encourage you to look through Michael’s and Hobby Lobby and grab anything that jumps out at you!

I loved this DIY because, aside from the dry time I allowed the paint, it took me a maximum of two hours to complete this! Yet another reason to love this is that altogether this cost me $13.00, however, I already had small paint brushes and white paint at home! Depending on the decorations you buy and the supplies you need, this DIY should fall under $20.00 and it will be something that no other wedding would have! Plus, this doesn’t HAVE to be a box for cards, it could be something you use to give out favors, programs, send-off bubbles… The possibilities are endless and can be tailored to your wedding needs!

(The supplies below were bought at Michael’s)

Supplies You Need:

  • Pallet Box
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • 2 bottles of paint for the entire box
  • 1 bottle of different colored paint for the words
  • Medium-to-Large paint brush
  • 2 small paint brushes
  • Aluminum foil or paper plate to put blobs of paint on
  • Your specific flowers/decorations
  • Surface to paint the box on (newspapers, cardboard)
  • Messy/old clothes to wear

Step 1: Get everything ready! Take any stickers off of the box and make sure you get everything settle on a surface you can get paint on, and also make sure you’re wearing old clothes you wouldn’t mind getting stained!


Step 2: Use a paper plate or aluminum foil to hold your paint and start painting the box with your large paint brush! I found it easiest to glob a lot of paint onto the brush and then used long paint strokes to make the most of that paint. I left the lip of the box for last so that I had something dry to hold onto while I painted; I began by painting the front of the box, the two smaller sides, and then the back side. From there I painted the inside and then the lip of it. I left the bottom without paint since that side would go unseen anyways.


Cat not included 😉

Step 3: Let it dry a little and then do a second coat of paint! This will give it a more solid and even coat to make sure everything is covered. After that coat, let the box fully dry; I painted this during the evening, left it to dry overnight, and then finished the project in the morning!

Step 4: Get your flowers/decorations ready to be hot-glued onto the box! Cut off any excess stems on the back; you want to be sure that the back of what you glue will lie flat on the surface, which will make it more stable on the box and less likely to get pulled off.


Step 5: Before gluing, I tried different ways of organizing my flowers on the box and once I laid out a road map of what I wanted, I began gluing everything down!


Step 6: I chose to paint the word “Cards” on my box using one of my small brushes, however, if you don’t feel comfortable painting it free-hand, craft stores offer multiple types of stencils or lettering you can stick on the box and they come in many colors, patterns, and even glitter.


Step 7: After painting “Cards” the first time, I let the paint dry for a couple minutes and then did a second coat. It’s alright if it doesn’t look perfect right away… You can reuse the paint you used on the entire box and your second small brush to paint away imperfections and make the letters look more precise.


Step 8: Let the box fully dry and you are finished! I have over a year until my wedding so I am actually going to use my box to hold other wedding decorations I have.


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