Hello everybody! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post; school has been crazy as ever and now that my midterms are over, my homework load has decreased considerably. That being said, I actually had time yesterday to complete another DIY craft for my wedding! This time, I created the “Mr. & Mrs.” chair banners that would go on the back of our seats at the reception. I got all my supplies at Michael’s, but I’m sure any craft store in your area would have similar options.

end banner result



Hot glue gun & glue sticks

Twine (A skinny ribbon might work too!)

Letters (2 M, 2 R, 1 S)

Decorative flowers to match your wedding (I used fall leaves and flowers)


Note: Make sure you know what type of chairs you will have at your reception; I knew mine had fold out chairs like ones I owned, if your chairs are different then you may have to change your technique.

Step 1: With the twine, I tied one end to the chair into a double knot and left some excess string just in case I need to adjust the size of it at the venue. I then strung along the twine to the other side of the chair and estimated how much I needed to cut off the length, leaving excess string again.

twine on chair

Step 2: Plan out where you want to glue your decorative touches/flowers onto the letters. On both banners I put one at the bottom of the last letter because it resembled the period which follows the abbreviation of Mr. and Mrs. Once you have the placement the way you want and the decorations cut and ready to be glued, hot glue them to the glue cool down.


Side note: My letters had ribbon hanging from the back so that the letters could be hung up, which ended up working perfect for this! I cut the ribbon loop in half at the back so that I could later tie it down while I glued.

Step 3: One letter at a time, starting with the M, place the letter where you want it and drape the ribbon attached to the letters over the twine. Tie the ribbon around the letter in the front (as pictured) in a double knot, so it will stay in place securely while you glue it down and let it dry.

tied ribbons Mrs

Step 4: Glue as much as possible here: I went a little crazy with my glue because I wanted to be super sure it would stay in place. Don’t worry about the looks of it because no one will see the back of the banner! Glue the exposed twine down to the letters and make sure to glue the ribbon down to the back of the letter (see picture). Repeat this process with every letter until you are finished; let the glue sit and cool down for as long as possible so that it won’t break loose.

gluing down ribbon

Step 5: Once the hot glue is dry, cut the ribbon where you tied it in the front of the letter and trim it down so that, when the banners are viewed from the front, the letters look as though they are just hanging from the twine.

cutting the ribbon

glued in back

Step 6:  Make sure that all hot glue tendrils are cleaned up and that the banners look exactly how you want them. Untie them from the chairs you were using and safely stow them away in a plastic bag or in a box until the week of your wedding. Make sure you double check the glue is still good when your wedding arrives and voilà, you’re done!

end banner result

I hope this tutorial all comes together and makes sense, but if you have any questions about it or need tips, feel free to give the shop a call or Facebook message and I can help you out! Until next time, fellow brides.


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