The tree we will be married under; one of many trees at Stephens Lake Park

So today I wanted to talk a little bit about my wedding and what my biggest accomplishments are so far… ‘cause I’m the bride and it’s all about me, right? 😉 This past Fall, we decided that we wanted an autumn wedding because it’s our favorite time of year; I also had my heart set on having our wedding at Stephen’s Lake Park at the Reichmann Pavilion. As soon as I knew the time of year and that this would be our venue, I called and found out that it was already booked for the entirety of October 2015! (Venues book up quickly and should be reserved as soon as possible, 1-2 years out is not uncommon). After some thought and discussions with our families, we decided to push our date to two years away so that we can ultimately finish our education and put aside money. Our official date that we have booked at the Reichmann Pavilion is October 15th, 2016!

I love the Reichmann Pavilion because I have always dreamt of an outdoor wedding with large trees in a field of grass, and this venue allows me to do that with the convenience of being right in the heart of Columbia. On top of that, it has the cutest cedar building that fits perfectly with my country, rustic fall theme and is perfect for the reception. I was absolutely sold when I found out the price; from Friday-Sunday, 8am-11pm, it costs only $1,120 total! Plus, if you don’t want it for three whole days, you can pay to use it daily as well. I reserved the full three days because I figured my family and I would bring all our big items and anything non-perishable on Friday and get it all ready, finish setting up on Saturday, and then have Sunday to clean and take everything home; this will allow us to leave immediately on the night of the wedding and not worry about cleaning until the next day!

The one catch to this venue is that it has a maximum capacity of 150 people; our guest list is currently at about 115 and that is not including children or any friends we might add in the next year; 150 can be a tight squeeze for anyone with big families like us! I wish I could invite every friend I’ve had since elementary school, but unfortunately we will have to keep it intimate with our large families and closest friends.


Inside the Reichmann Pavilion

When it comes to planning your wedding, I personally recommend that you first figure out what kind of look or theme you’re going for, choose your date or the season you want, and then immediately start looking at venues and what dates they have available! I never realized before this experience exactly how hard it can be to get the venue you desire reserved on the day you want. The availability of my venue completely changed our wedding!

If you are interested in using the Reichmann Pavilion for your wedding or event, click the link below for more information:


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  1. ammyjohn
    July 20, 2015 at 4:13 am (2 years ago)

    Your story is awesome !!! I will also like to visit this park and want to see the beauty it encloses.


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