For our very first DIY post, I figured I would start with something easy, inexpensive, and of course, FUN! Flower hair combs are perfect for you or your bridesmaids to wear in your wedding and tie your colors together; plus, you wouldn’t be spending $100+ on accessories! This could also be a fun little craft to do altogether with your bridal party and they can make their own hair combs using the flowers you buy.

Everything I bought in order to make these hair pieces cost me a whopping total of $12.00… I bought four different, single stems of satin flowers and a package of six plastic hair combs, all from Hobby Lobby! And don’t forget, Hobby Lobby offers weekly coupons so that you can bring the total cost down even lower! Below you will find exactly what I bought and how I made these fabulous hair combs.

First, you will need your supplies which you can get from any craft store:

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Package of hair combs
  • Satin flowers that match the colors/theme of your wedding

Photo 1

Step 1: Cut a piece of foliage, or a leaf, off from one of the flower stems. I cut my leaf in half and then glue it to the hair comb to provide a base for you to glue your flower buds on:

Photo 2

Step 2: Pull or cut the flower buds off from the stems; before you actually glue the flowers down, arrange and set them on the flower comb to get a rough idea of where you want each flower to specifically go:

Photo 3

Step 3: Start gluing down your flowers! I prefer to start on one side of the comb, like the left side, and move from left to right. Let the glue cool for 30-60 minutes just to make sure nothing falls off… also to make sure you don’t get hot glue in your hair!

Photo 4

REMEMBER: Check the hair comb from every angle to make sure you can’t see any hot glue or any holes where you see the backs of the flower buds.

And voila! You are done! These hair combs are perfect for any kind of full or half updo, or side swept hair!

Photo 6

Photo 5

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